Saturday, June 14, 2014

Good-bye Crazy Busy May, Hello Summer Time

Mason's back rod expansion surgery went very smoothly. We just stayed the one night at the hospital and received his monthly IVIg infusion and then headed home Tuesday afternoon. Hooray for "one night stays" in the hospital.  This time though he has seemed to be in more pain than after the other 3 expansions. I'm wondering if it's because he went 8 months in between expansions instead of 6 this time, meaning more manipulating and expanding than before.....just a thought. But, we all know how incredibly brave and tough Mason is, so he'll be back in tip top shape in no time!

May was crazy busy! It always is! With spring sports we had at least 2 lacrosse games a week, 4-5 baseball games, and 2 tee-ball games. Then there's always spring concerts at school, end of the year programs, projects, papers, and tests. On top of all of that there's the usual weekly scout, young men's, and young women's activities. With that being said May is typically a month of cereal or fast food for dinner and very late bedtimes!! All that craziness sure creates some good memories though, and then a big relief when summer vacation is finally here!!


Tee-ball was so much fun!!! It was just
so wonderful to watch Mason do something
normal! Something that healthy little boys do!!

Mason would many times ask to hit last which meant
he would run all the bases making it a home run!!
(In tee-ball all the kids get to hit each inning and
 get on base, for three innings, and then 
that's the game. Simple and fun!!)

These little boys had a great coach too! Can you tell how much they liked him??!!

And best of all, they all believe they were the t-ball
Champions, because of a sweet mom who ordered
the team trophies! That's all the care about anyways
right? The after game treats and the trophy!!!

Mason and his friend Jett

Mason and his heart transplant friend Matthew.
What are the odds that these little buddies got
put on the same team?!! They were so excited to
play together! It was the greatest thing ever to
watch these two little boys who have been through
so much, having fun play tee-ball!!!

Ammon and cousins Ty and James had fun watching Mason's games.

This is Mason at his preschool Mother's Day program.
Mason had a great year at preschool! Thank you
Mrs. Frost and Learning Dynamics!


Ammon is the sweet brother that loves to go to
all his brothers' games. He decided after one year
of soccer that it was more fun to be a on the sidelines
cheering. So that he does! And, he always finds
plenty of friends to play with at all the games!

Ammon took 3rd place at the pinewood derby car race this year!!
It was thrilled to het a trophy!!

Ammon's favorite field trip this year was fishing!
It was his end of the year field trip and he had a
great time! The parents and younger siblings were
invited to attend so even Mason got to try out fishing!

Ammon loved 3rd grade this year thanks
 to his fantastic teacher Mrs. Ruchti!

One of Ammon's best friend's is Sammi!
(Our nanny who stills lives with us and helps
me out part-time.) He tags along with Sammi
when ever he can! They go roller blading, fishing,
shopping, to the movies, and he loves to sit
with her at church too. She is an angel!!

Thank you Sammi for loving my kiddos!!!


Braiden's baseball games and tournaments provide, a lot of
our family entertainment, because he's got them all the time!!
He enjoys it, is really good at it, and we love watching. 
(FYI: The pink socks are from the games the day before
Mother's day to honor us baseball moms.)

Braiden hit his first home run way out of 
the park in this picture below! 
(Mason is the official team mascot)

5th grade end of the year state reports and fair. Braiden and friend Max
were so glad that this was one of the last projects of the year!


Preston's lacrosse season was most of April and May 
with 1-2 games a week and daily practices. He has gotten 
really good and his games were super fun to watch. 
(Preston wore pink socks the day before Mother's day too!)

Preston also got braces on last month.
Silly boy was excited to get them on! But I'm
not sure he's loving them now that they're on though!


Kaitlin graduated from middle school (here in our district
it's 7th, 8th, and 9th) and is headed in the fall to Lone
Peak High School! Here she is with 2 of her darling friends,
 Kelsey and Grace, before the 9th grade end of the year dance.

Good-bye they come Lone Peak!

Good bye to school and crazy busy May,
Hello Summer Time.....

We went last week for a quick 3 day trip
to Lake Powell. It was warm, fun, and an
excellent way to start off summer vacation!
(And for Mason to get some fun in before
he got his back procedure with 12 stitches
that can't get wet for while!)

(Braiden wake boarding)

(Preston wake surfing)

(Kaitlin wake surfing)

Ammon, Kaitlin, and Mason all say,
"Peace out and have a fun summer!"

Thursday June 26 Mason has his next heart biopsy
to follow up on his reoccurring mild rejection. It
will have been 3 1/2 months since his last one, so
 we are sure hoping for some better results this time!

Thanks for checking in on Mason
and our family! Have a great summer!

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