Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Biopsy Results

Honestly, because Mason's heart pressures were higher yesterday I was kind of expecting his rejection to be worse..... but it's not thank goodness. The Bummer is it's about the same. (The path score is C2 V3 ISHLT 1R pAMR 2.) It's mild rejection, mostly antibody mediated, but concerning because it isn't getting better and we've been treating it since mid March. The plan for now is to keep Mason on a low maintenance dose of Prednisone (steroid), to keep him on optimized levels of Prograf and Celcept (immune-suppression meds), and continue the monthly IVIg treatments. The team may change the plan when they get Mason's DSA (donor specific antibody) blood work back at the end of the week. If his antibody levels have gotten higher then the transplant may be more aggressive with his treatment.

I am grateful that with this rejection Mason's heart function has remained good, stable, and unaffected. Hopefully his body can get rid of the rejection soon and his little heart will be completely happy again. Thanks for all your love, prayers, and concern.

To go along with my post on Monday I just want to say PLEASE hug your kiddos a little tighter and  little more often because you never know what tomorrow will bring!!!

"Always kiss your children goodnight,
even if they're already asleep."
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

"People say you don’t know what you’ve got 
till it’s gone. 
Truth is, you knew what you had, 
you just never thought you’d lose it."
~author unknown


Allison said...

Oh boo. I am sad that things have not improved for Mason, but also glad that he is still hanging in there despite having so many obstacles to overcome. Thank you for sharing Paxton's story. Elder Rasband was my brother's mission president many years ago and when he spoke about his sweet grandson in conference, I felt so connected to his talk. I still read it on hard days. My heart aches for his parents loss.

Unknown said...
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cici said...

Dear Summer,

Whenever you feel disappointed or discouraged
in biopsy results or test outcomes, just remember how far Mason has come and it may take a little longer for him, but he will continue with the miracles defying all odds.
Hugs of Faith and reassurance