Monday, June 10, 2013

Biopsy Today

Today we checked in at 6am to Primary Children's same day surgery for Mason's heart cath/biopsy. This is a follow up biopsy because of the rejection detected at his March annual heart cath/biopsy. (Which was still the same 3 weeks later in April when he had another biopsy to check if the rejection had improved from the steroids and IVIg treatment.) Since the last biopsy, Mason has stayed on a low maintenance dose of steroids and had an other high dose IVIg treatment. Hopefully.... with fingers crossed, toes crossed, prayers, and positive thoughts this biopsy will come out clean and Mason can have a fun steroid free, not as immune-suppressed, summer vacation!

Mason is in the cath lab at this moment and after he is done we will be staying all day for his 10-12 hour monthly IVIg infusion. My plan today while we are here is to due a 'catch-up post' of what we've been doing over the last 6 weeks since I last posted. That's if the cath goes smoothly and Mason allows me some time be on my laptop!

Besides prayers for a good news cath, Mason could also use some prayers for his tummy to feel better. He has had a yucky tummy bug for a over 3 weeks now and we just found out over the weekend that he's had roto-virus. We tested for roto-virus 2 weeks ago but it came out negative then.  When we re-tested on Saturday and it was positive.....weird! But, at least we know the cause.  And yesterday he finally seemed to be a little better of this yucky tummy bug. I guess it just has had to run its course. But the poor little guy has lost about 2 1/2 lbs the last few weeks putting him at only 29 lbs. 

I will post with biopsy results and a 'catch up post' very soon.

Happy Monday!!!

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cici said...

Mason is in my thoughts and Prayers today for a big zero rejection and a happy tummy.