Sunday, October 14, 2012


       I am very happy to report that Mason had his shortest hospital stay yet for a surgery! He was HOME in less than 48 hours after Monday's back rod expansion surgery. That's a record for him!  He is still sore, especially when he tries to do too much (keeping up with our other kiddos), but overall he has done extremely well. He has a new 2 1/2 inch incision in his mid back where the doctor went in to extend both rods. The toughest part about being home is making sure he doesn't play too hard with brothers and split that incision open! 

Mason has many super hero scars.....
he is one very tough little guy!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend sweet Mia's funeral. I say opportunity because, although it was so heartbreaking and sad, there was an abundance of love, unity, and faith that filled the chapel. So much, that it was very powerful! Mia was a lovely, pure, and fun little girl that was very loved. Her short 4 year journey here on earth touched a countless amount of people! This funeral was a beautiful celebration of her life. Absolutely beautiful! Despite the fact that Mia has gone HOME to live with our dear Father in Heaven, her family looks forward to the day that they will get to reunite with her. 

As I cried with heartache for Mia's family at the service yesterday I was comforted in knowing we are never alone. Our Savior will always be there for us through every painful moment and trial in our life. Additional comfort came to me as I looked around the congregation and saw about 40 'heart moms' united in support for Mia's family. I feel grateful to be part of such a wonderful 'heartmom' group! I am also grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever.

I will honestly say at times like this I almost feel guilty that Mason is still with us in our earthly HOME. In the medical world he really shouldn't have lived past 3 days old, but obviously our little miracle kiddo has a very important mission here on earth. Other heart angels have an important mission in Heaven. Mia's returning to her Heavenly HOME hits very close to my heart, because I often worry that I won't be ready if Mason is called HOME     at a young age. How can any parent ever really be ready???

That being said, I will continue to live one step at a time, one day at a time, cherishing life with each and every one of my wonderful children! Enjoying life together as a family!


madelyn said...

You are in our prayers! I used to really struggle with "survivor's guilt." I still have times, less frequently, and have to remind myself that there is so much in God's plan I don't understand. And to remind each of my children to use their lives and talents to spread the word of God - not knowing when their work on Earth will end. living each day in faith...and sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.

likeschocolate said...

So sad about Mia, but great news about Mason. Glad everything went well. That scar looks like it hurts. Ouch! Brave little guy!

Sarah said...

I will keep your sweet son and family in my prayers. He is one brave little boy.