Friday, May 11, 2012

Return to the OR

Yesterday afternoon Mason went back to the OR to have his incision re-opened to look for any signs of infection (because of his fevers, continuing lower back pain, and consistent drainage from the lower incision).

Luckily Dr.Smith only had to open his lower incision. If he had found a lot of infection then he would have also needed to open the upper incision to clean out that area as well. (When the rods were placed last month there were two incisions made about 3 inches long each, one at the top of his back and one at the very bottom.)

There was a small amount of creamy colored fluid found near the right rod. They cleaned it and sent it for cultures. The whole procedure from being put to sleep to waking up only took about 45 minutes and everything went smoothly.

Mason had a very restless night and has a tender sore back today. He is such a good sport and such a brave little boy though!! Hopefully he will recover quickly, we will get some answers, and go home soon! Thanks for your continued prayers.

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cici said...

my heart aches when I hear this.
If there was an award for little man bravery, it would be all his. I Pray this will be all he needs to get back home asap.
Fevers be gone, he will have no more of you!