Sunday, March 4, 2012

We love ZERO.....

Mason's biopsy came back a big beautiful ZERO! Hooray for no rejection! Mason did have a bit of trouble recovering from the cath and anesthesia. He couldn't quite keep up his O2 sats over 90 on room air. Most likely this trouble came from his recent respiratory illness. The docs were concerned enough that they kept us there overnight on Friday. 

I made a deal with the transplant team though. If they wanted to keep us over night I requested that Mason get his IVIg treatment, that he was scheduled to come back for on Monday, while we were there Friday night. They agreed and saved us a trip back to Primary's on Monday for the all day treatment! So, although it was a bummer we had to stay the night at least we made a "2 for 1" visit out of it. (The IVIg treatment is a follow-up treatment still trying to get rid of the Parvo Virus that was killing off Mason's red blood cells. He will need at least one more in 4 weeks.)

By Saturday morning Mason was satting 97 on room air. He just needed a little extra time to recover. When we finished the IVig infusion we headed home in the afternoon yesterday. Thank goodness for ZERO rejection and just a short little overnighter at "The Hotel on the Hill"!

Because Mason's biopsy came out clean and his heart function is good, we will probably be moving forward with his back surgery soon. I will call the orthopedic doctor this week to further discuss the surgery and details with him.

Have a great week! Thank you for all your prayers!


Melynda said...

Yay for zero!!!!!! Thats wonderful.

madelyn said...

Praying for continued good news! I know nothing is every easy - and sometimes it seems like our kids can't catch a break - but I try to remember that this just allows God to shine even brighter! I hope things are going well and that you can enjoy a few "down days" in the midst of everything going on. You remain on our hearts and in our prayers.

Keri said...

that is great news! Yay for Mason! Yay for Zero!