Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recipe for Rosier Cheeks

Mason's red blood cell count actually had dropped even more from last week when yesterday's blood draw results came back. Thus, the transplant team had us come up to Primary's late yesterday afternoon to be admitted overnight for a blood transfusion and some more testing. This definitely wasn't on my "to do list" this week to get ready for Christmas, but better now than on Christmas eve!

Today Mason has rosie cheeks again and seems to have more energy. I hadn't realized how pale he had really gotten until he woke with nice pink coloring today. The transplant team decided to switch him from Cellcept to Imuran in hopes Cellcept is the culprit of his suppressed red blood cells. Hematology is also looking at all of Mason's labs to see if they can find anything different or in addition that could be causing this. We will continue to follow up with Hematology in January.

We would have gone home early this afternoon today except Mason spiked a fever! Of course, right?! It most likely is a reaction to his blood transfusion, but they are keeping us here probably until sometime tonight just to make sure. We hope to get home to our family soon to finish getting ready for Christmas!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! Enjoy you Holidays!

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