Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home Once Again

Good News........Mason was discharged yesterday evening! He is still on just a little bit of O2's day and night, only 1/8 -1/4 of a liter. Although I would love to have him back saturating great at room air, this is definitely much better than the day he was admitted 2 weeks ago when he was needing 2 liters! Probably another week of supplemental oxygen and he'll be good as new again. Or at least this is our Hope!

It is so good to be back home with our family and sleeping in our beds. Even ending up sleeping on the couch with Mason in the middle of the night is better any day than a hospital bed!!! After two weeks of hospital life I'm now asking myself how I did it so much longer at Stanford last year with out going completely crazy?! I guess for the love of our children sometimes we have to the undreamed of!

We are so grateful for the many prayers said for Mason during this awful sickness. I know without a doubt that each and every prayer and positive thought of faith and hope have been heard by Him, our Father Above, and have contributed to Mason's healing. We are grateful also for all the extra helping hands with house work, yard work, playing with my children, running our boys to baseball etc.... while I was with Mason at the hospital.

pray one for another, that ye may be healed,”
James 5:16


sheila said...

I am happy to hear that you are both back home. I pray he continues getting stronger.

cici said...

So happy you made it back home for the 4th of July.
Time to celebrate! :)

madelyn said...

Happy 4th of July! Praising God that you are back home where Mason's recovery can continue.