Monday, September 27, 2010

Change of Plans

As we await the survival of our most recent speed bump (finding medical insurance for Mason), we had to postpone our trip to Stanford. After spending many hours on the phone with our financial social workers from Lucille Packard and Primary Children's, with no news from medicaid or SSI yet, and putting my math skills to work........ I decided to wait until Mason is covered to go back to Stanford/ Lucille Packard for Mason's "6 month" check up.

Mason's transplant team at Stanford said it was okay to wait to come there, but that he still needed to have this month's IVIG treatment and biopsy whether it was there or at Primary's. Either way would cost us out of our own pocket, but the lesser would be Primary Children's. Amazingly, the more medical debt you have the more the hospital can help you out financially. Stanford has already discounted us a lot from March through June, but now it is Primary's turn to discount our bills!!!

Thus, here I am today with Mason at Primary's. He had his BIOPSY #9 this morning and he is now recovering and waiting for his echo. Please pray with us this day that it will be a 'good news' biopsy. Last Thursday we were also up here for his monthly IVIG treatment. It went well, but he was not the happiest little guy to spend a whole day in the hospital once again. Although, Mason is the bravest little boy I know!!!

(Mason is waiting at 630 am for his biopsy.)

As of now, we are hoping to have insurance coverage for Mason by sometime in October. We have looked into all our different options and are praying what we've chosen will work out. And if all goes well, we plan to visit Stanford the week of October 23.

I will post tomorrow w/ BIOPSY #9 results.

Thank you for all your support and also for sharing w/ me your different ideas about insurance options and transplant foundations. It has really helped!!!


The Simmons Family said...

Things will fall into place. Mason looks so cute with those pink chubby cheeks. I just want to give him a great big hug!

We're praying for a big fat zero on the biopsy result! I wish we were going to be at Stanford in October, but we've postponed things until December. We'll be there plenty around the first of the year, so hopefully, we'll see you guys again soon!

Miracles Happen said...

Have you looked into the HIP Utah. That is our next and last option for us. We dont' qualify for anything else. Once Aetna Drops us we are out of luck

Mindi D said...

Just to let you know, I'm pretty sure Medicaid has to deny you before you can do HIP. We wanted to do HIP rather than medicaid (because lets be honest, the help there is not very nice!) but we couldn't because we qualified for medicaid. Good luck, i really hope it all works out for you!!! He is such a stud, even in that blue outfit :)

Lisa Marie Trent said...

I am in the middle of the insurance coverage thing as well. What a nightmare it is to get help for those who need help the MOST. I hope it works out for you, and if you have any tips- pass them my way! Prayers are with you-


Jennifer said...

I just got a letter from my insurance company stating that as of (forgot the date)...that insurances companies can no longer have a lifetime maximum. It said that if you have met your lifetime max. then you would have to wait until the time tha tyour company re-enrolls (or whatever it is you do about once a year) and then you can be covered again. I am not sure if that is exactly what the letter said. Don't quote me on that. I immediately thought of you though. My husband ( a very politicaly minded guy) and I talked about it. I told him that now having a lifetime max is part of the Obamaplan that I like. He pointed out the increase to all premuims...even for people who will probably never reach their max. I wish there was a way to make it optional. BUT....still...if this letter I got from Blue Cros Blue Shield is true, then shouldn't Mason be able to be covered again as soon as your husbands company enrolls again? Just wondering. I am sure you've already heard this already.
ANYHOW!!!!! I hope the bio is great! Praying for it!