Monday, February 1, 2010

Wow, Look Who's 26 months!

Another month older, another miracle!! Mason continues to surprise us all because of how well he is actually doing with half a heart and one functioning lung. Happy 26 months Miracle Mason!!!

" "Here are a few of things Mason likes to do:
He will scoot to the linen closet in my bathroom and
ask for my help in his own kind of way....."mama, uh,uh, uh"
pointing to the scale asking for me to pull it out, because he
likes to climb up and sit on it. What a silly little guy!

Mason attempts to get himself dressed.

Mason loves to find new things to carry (scooting)
around the house. This day he went into the bathroom
and dumbed out this basket that was full of magazines
so that he could put his own toys in it to carry around.

Loves, loves to go "bye, bye" even though most of the
time it usually is only to a doctor's appointment.

Mason pushes this truck full of blocks all around the house.

He has a favorite spot on the couch where he likes
to watch t.v., Signing Time, or Baby Einstein. And
continues to love ONLY water in his sippy cup.

Lately he falls asleep in funny places, like in his favorite
t.v. watching spot on the couch. Poor little Mason,
his heart his wearing him out :-(

Still enjoys sitting in his highchair for g-tube feeds
so he can join family meal times.

He loves to help during chore time, especially
if he gets to do the vacuuming!!

And he has to be part of homework time too.

Although, it makes him a bit sleepy.

Mason also doesn't usually like to miss out on
getting his brothers and sister off to school.
This is Kaitlin, Preston, Mason and Braiden. I believe
Ammon was already on his bus headed to school.

Some of the new things Mason can also do:

*says, "uh oh" (including when he has a messy diaper!)
*says "please" and "thank you" (with sign language too)
*climbs UP six stairs
*pulls himself to a stand at furniture and stays 5 min.
*talks on the phone (really)... says "hi" and "bye"
*crawls on all fours, but still prefers the 'bum scoot'
*dances EVERY TIME he here's music (not so new, but sooo cute!)



Kyle and Alli said...

Summer, Mason looks so cute! I love his round cheeks and all of his darling outfits too! Are you all feeling better again?

cici said...

We love you baby boy. You brighten my day with your Angel face. Happy Happy 20 month milestone sweetheart.

Ryan and Hilary said...

So Wonderful!!! What a joy! We are praying for many many more wonderful moments!

Derick said...

It's actually Julia. Summer, Mason is so darling! My boys know all about him and we pray for your sweet family. You truly are amazing and your strength continues to inspire me so much. We're praying for many more miracles.

Jennifer said...

LOL! I love the picture of Mason on the scale! :)...and I love that he wants to vaccum for you! What a sweet little guy!

Moffitt Fam said...

What a sweet post! He seems so happy!! Continued prayers to all of you!

Kimmie said...

ok, the picture ofhim asleep sitting up on the couch is priceless!

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

So cute! And I love the pictures of him asleep! He looks so much like a little angel!!!

Becca said...

Love all the cute pictures!! He's looking good. Is his oxygen sats been better lately?

She Made Mention said...

so I was wondering if I could make you a blog button that says Praying for Miracle Mason or something. let me know what you think-- I just am rooting for him, like would not believe. I want this miracle for your family-- and want to help, even if just in a small way! Call anytime 2082201599

Mindi D said...

He is just too cute! I love his fat little face!! I hope all is going good :)

Greg and Heidi said...

Love the pictures and the update. We were going to go to Stanford too! They are a wonderful program. I love he option of keeping his good lung! We were trying to get Ethan's lungs in a better place so he would only need a heart transplant too. Apparently heart-lung is not a "fun" combo! Best wishes. He looks great, & that is a good sign going in!