Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy is Good

A friend asked me a couple days after Mason's last echo "how are you holding up?"

My response was, "I'm okay as long as I keep busy".

And in my life that is not very hard to accomplish! (a perfect example: I started this post almost a week ago, now it is June 26, because I never got past the first sentence!!!)

Mark and our three oldest kiddos were gone for 10 days to a family reunion/ family vacation with all his siblings and their kids. I stayed home with Mason (he is
definitely not healthy enough to travel) and Ammon (I wanted my kids to have a break from helping me watch him all the time and he has summer school too). At first I thought "wow, I'm going to have some extra time to get some unfinished projects done!" Who was I kidding?? I had the two busiest and highest maintenance kiddos at home with me. But remember I said "I'm okay if I keep busy".......

While Mark, Kaitlin, Preston, & Braiden were here:

I was home with these two cute busy boys:

But don't get me wrong, There's no where I'd rather be at this
time in my life than caring for these special kiddos!!

Here's just a few of the things that kept me busy while half my family was gone (most of which are on our daily schedule anyways) -----

*bribing mason to take all his
meds (2 breathing treatments and 5 heart meds twice a day)

*counting Mason's calorie intake

*wrestling Mason to get him in the high chair and to eat at least 3 times
a day
............he doesn't want to eat much lately :(

* bathing Mason after each meal (or "the wrestling match"), because more goes in his hair and on the floor than in his mouth (that makes calorie counting a bit difficult)

Ammon in bed early enough so I can get him up in the morning and on the bus by 7:30am (he goes to school 3 mornings a week during the summer)

*calling home
health care and begging them to come out right way because I realize I am out of portable oxygen tanks.

*making numerous phone calls to our insurance company and all those sending us medical bills.....trying to straighten out billing nightmares

*rounding up all the flip flops
Ammon has borrowed from around the neighborhood and returning them to their proper owners (he has a fetish for flip flops lately)

*frantically looking for
Ammon when he is out of my sight, because most likely he is playing w/ a neighbor's hose, before he causes a flood

*replanting my petunias that
Ammon pulls out of the ground because he was watching me weed ( he says, "Ammon help Mommy")

*pulling up carpet and sucking water out out of the padding with a wet vac in the basement playroom when it floods through the window well (from the never-ending rain we've had) ......and poor Mason gets drenched scooting across the saturated carpet wanting to be right by Mom's side

*redoing the above because
Ammon pours the full wet vac out on to the padding

* get the idea

Busy is good, right???

So at the end of the day when no new projects had been started, I decided with fewer mouths to feed we could skip dinner time, pack up some snacks, and head to the park before putting
Ammon to bed. Ammon loves the slide and Mason just loves being outside. Seeing my two youngest play at the park is much better than cleaning out closets any day!!!

Ammon is in bed (as well as everyone else, now that they are all home) and I am rocking my sweet Mason this is the time of day I think about my poor baby's failing broken heart. This is when I cry in prayer to our Heavenly Father, our God, the Being who comforts me during my trials. Prayer is what gets me through this tough time of worrying about my baby's future. I do not understand the how's or why's of our trial with Mason's heart disease and may never, but when I pray I receive a comforting feeling that He, our Father Above, is watching over my Mason, our family, and the doctors who take care of him.

Today, Mason continues to press on and fight for a future here on earth!!! We love you Miracle Mason!!

Thank you so much to all of you who have left comments or e-mailed me with words of love and support. It means so much to me....more than you know!!!


Rachel Lund said...

You made me laugh out loud & then cry. Thanks for your strength & inspiration. Trials sure make us count our blessings - don't they. Keep being so strong!

Gourley said...

Stricklands -

Are you only using portable oxygen? We did that for a long time, but it is soooo hard to stay on top of it. Do you have a concentrator. If Mason is constantly on oxygen, I would highly recommend seeing if your insurance will cover it. Usually they do for kiddos that are on constant o2's. We finally got one and it makes a HUGE difference. Just get an extra long connection to put between the canula and the concentrator and you can go quite far around the house. Maybe you already have one, I don't know, but I thought I would suggest it just in case.

Deb said...


My heart goes out to you. Your little Mason is such a doll. It made me smile to see these darling pictures. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

The G Fam said...

Wow! Summer, I pray that little Mason will be okay. There are enough little boy angels in heaven (I will go more into that someday) and I just know that Heavenly Father has saved Mason and Mason has also chosen to stay here, with those he loves. I'm not sure when any of our time will come, I just know that you are infinitely strong. Hang in there.

♥ Michele ♥ said...

Summer, you are my hero! Dealing with Mason AND the challenges with Ammon.....I can't imagine....along with 3 more children!! I agree, prayer is what pulls us through! We continue to pray for your family. Mason is a miracle, Heavenly Father is looking out for you, even though it is difficult, he loves your family so much!

queenieweenie said...

I think it is one of our Heavenly Father's tender mercies that he keeps us too busy to dwell on the sadness. You are amazing.