Friday, December 19, 2008

Tis the season ...........

( Mason's morning line up of meds, etc...)

Tis the season.... to be out Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, baking cookies etc....... right? Well not really at our house. It is more like tis the season.... to be shopping at the pharmacy, earning 'flight miles' at the pediatrician, playing nurse, doing breathing treatments, and shopping online at midnight hoping your kids gifts will arrive before Santa does (who cares if they are wrapped at this point)!

These last two weeks we have had the 'sickies' at our house. Mason has had a really bad cough and cold which then led to double ear infections and a soar throat. (And a horrible diaper rash to top it off!) Mark had the stomach flu for at least 10 days. Braiden battles a croupy cough. And for myself, I had to get an emergency root canal. The other 3 in our family have stayed healthy at least. Knock on wood. I have decided Christmas should come in the summertime, when for the most part everyone is healthier!

On a more positive note.....Mason weighed 15 lb. 5 oz. this week at the doctors. Any little bit of weight gain for him deserves a celebration. Also, even with getting this nasty cold and cough, his lungs have remained clear and his Ox2 sats have stayed in the 'okay zone' this time. The inhaler meds are definitely helping. And at least we are home this holiday season and not in the hospital!

The other day I was able to leave Mason with an RN neighbor (and friend) to sneak off to my kids school to watch them participate in their Christmas Sing Along. It was great!! It also helped me get more into the Christmas Spirit. Nothing can compare to seeing the excitement in children's faces this special time of year.

I am grateful for dear RN friends who live near me (Kristi, Sammi, Kathy, Michelle) who are so willing to watch Mason for me.(Jean, you need to move down my way too !) Besides for leaving him for the kids' singing and my nasty root canal, Mark and I were also able to go to a few adult Christmas parties and an awesome Christmas Concert at the Junior High. We are so blessed still by wonderful service and support all the time.

And I must mention how beautiful it is in Utah right now. We have had a ton of snow and that always makes for a beautiful White Christmas Season. Not that the California girl in me likes the cold, but if its going to be freezing outside at least let there be snow for the kids to play in and to cover our dormant landscapes. Preston and Braiden have gone sledding everyday after school this week. It is great entertainment!

Hope your Holidays are Happy! Mason sends xoxoxox to all!


queenieweenie said...

Merry Christmas...I hope Mason continues to feel better. I'm glad you were able to get away a little. You sure deserve it!

Camille Bailey Aagard said...

Summer, I can't read your blog! Like, you set the bar too high. A ROOT CANAL during all that, for crying out loud? Forget tough cookies; you guys are bricks, surrounded by steel.