Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mason Loves To Fly

Friends and Family,

It seems as though Mason was having a bit of cabin fever this morning......So he has made a return visit to Primary Chidren's! He started really laboring to breath this morning,so I checked his oxygen sats and they were too low for him. After talking with cardiology at Primary's I called 911. The Paramedics came and he was having tacacardic heart rythms ( heart rates way too high) causing him to work really hard just to breathe. So Life Flight landed on our street and and transported him to Primary's. A pretty scary day. He is now in the PICU and already doing better. We are all hoping this was caused by a medication for his arythmias that the Dr.s weaned him off of 2 weeks ago. Please keep our little fighter Miracle Mason in your Prayers. We are hoping this is just a short visit and we'll take him home soon!

Sincerely, Summer

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